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Atum has been providing expertise in the technology space since 2000. Atum is not only one of Canada's leading Microsoft implementation partners but also a tier-1 licensing reseller. 

Whether you require licensing, services or both - Atum has you covered with 15+ years of experience.

Why Atum

Business requirements will dictate which license type is best. It is crucial to have a partner that understands your short and long term goals to make the right license purchase.

If you would like to chat to a licensing specialist about which license is best, please contact us below. As a full service provider we can provide you suggestions and even a quote for the implementation or training.

Location and Contact

4950 Yonge St, Suite 514, Toronto, ON, M2N 6K1, Canada

Want to drop by to say hi? Give us a call 1-877-893-3266

Random Fact 

The company was named Atum by it's founder Jason Williams. Jason has a fascination with Egyptian mythology and decided to name the company after The God of Creation. Every employees workstation is named after an Egyptian pharaoh and every server after an Egyptian god. Atum has been creating technology solutions that stand the test of time for it's clients ever since.