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Dynamics 365 for Team Members, Business Edition

Dynamics 365 for Team Members, Business Edition

Regular price $7.50 $6.00 CAD per user/month

A team member license is perfect for those users who need basic access to some areas of Dynamics 365 as it saves you the price of a full Dynamics 365 user.

For example, the license provices read/write access to basic areas of Dynamics 365 such as Accounts and Contacts but only read capabilities for opportunities. View the full licensing guide or reach out to us for assistance: https://download.microsoft.com/documents/en-us/dynamics/Dynamics%20365%20Business%20edition%20Licensing%20Guide.pdf

*If you are purchasing more than 99 users or will have more than 99 users with the new licenses that you are purchasing - contact us at sales@atum.com We will activate the next pricing level on your account.